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Our Company Was Founded With The Only Aim To Penetrate The International Market And Represent Mexico With High Quality Products, Known As Gourmet Products.

A Story Of Quality And Innovation

Our story goes back over 4 generations and the same drive and passion for exotic and gourmet vegetables has been passed to future generations. Today Martinez and Sons has gained a reputation for consistency and quality.

Martinez And Sons Has Been A Leader In The Agriculture Industry For Several Decades.

Today, Martinez and Sons Produce has facilities in both Northern and Southern Baja California Mexico with extensive infrastructure including both green houses and shade houses which allow us to have a continuous supply year round. This along with the great relationship with our customers, has helped us expand our market and provide global availability of our products.

Our company was founded with one goal, to penetrate the international market and represent Mexico with its high quality gourmet products.


At the age of 17, David Martinez had in mind to become an entrepreneur, without knowing in which industry he would venture in. As a third generation grower, he woke up every morning to help his father and uncle on the family farms. He prepared the lands and transported the product to the packing house.

He didn’t like the sales aspect of business but as a first generation immigrant family he was forced to help his elders with the language barrier. He later realized he had a gift for sales and continued to handle and grow that side of the business.


In 1956 his world turned 180 degrees, he started traveling and gaining replace with: traveled and gained world experiences while learning about different cultures. He later realized he was preparing himself to succeed in the real world. Once he finished serving in the Army, he had a clear picture of what he wanted to achieve. He started planning his goals and next move to ensure a successful future.

The Desire To Have A Better Life And Become A Successful Grower Started In 1958.

In 1984 He Started To Grow Edible Flowers For The Restaurant Industry But Wanting To Set Himself Apart, He Concentrated His Efforts On Exotic And Gourmet Vegetables.


Growing his edible flowers in handmade plastic tunnels in his own backyard, he grew carnations, pansies, marigolds, nasturtiums and snapdragons along with herbs that included Basil, Rosemary , Tetragon, Arugula, Thyme, Epazote, Chives and Sage. Realizing the business was quickly outgrowing the space he had, he ventured into Mexico looking for a larger place where he could expand the growing business. Harvesting and packaging the products without any refrigeration or pre-cooling was always a challenge regarding delivery to his clients in the LA area on a daily basis. He continued adding the growing tunnels that he hand made to the point where he had 20 tunnels. These tunnels measured about 6 ft. wide by 6ft high by 60 ft. long.

There was a high demand for edible flowers and herbs at this time, in order to expand and increase production he would need to think on a larger scale.

He designed and constructed the first of his many green houses on a one acre piece of land. He was now able to not only grow but also expand his business relations. He then established his company name Martinez and Sons Gourmet Produce as this required the help of the entire family. His wife was an integral part of the expansion and administration aspect of the business while he concentrated his efforts on the growing aspect.


His growing reputation for consistency and quality lead him to be sought out by several gourmet chefs. They encouraged him to branch out into other gourmet product like baby hand peeled carrots, specialty beans, colored beets, min bell peppers, colored habaneros, baby squash and many others. This allowed him to gain a better understanding of the culinary world and was a key element in expanding his relations in the produce industry.

In 1990 He Rented His First Farm In The Well-Known Valley Of Maneadero Ensenada, Baja California Mexico.

Today Martinez And Sons Remains A Family Owned Business.


Expanding several generations, Martinez and Sons Gourmet Produce is now a well known international company in the retail and whole sale business with growing facilities in several parts of Mexico. Growing with the most efficient and high tech green house infrastructure.

This allows us to grow and produce the highest quality products in the world market.